Arthur Katrina is an artist working primarily in mediums of accessible multiples (print, zine, VHS, etc) and bodily adornment (fashion and tattoo). Their work is characterized by a combination of meticulous world-building and noise caused through collaboration with outmoded machines, alternately restrained and lush. Inspired by the tradition of printmaking as a method of direct publishing, their work is meant to celebrate and incite.

Coming of age in the freak culture of mid-2000s Providence, Rhode Island, in parts educated by slow travels around so-called North America and several years in the Bay Area, and now pursuing a non-traditional arts and history education at the City University of New York, the violence and alienation of the “USA” and the current death age is an undeniable influence on their work and impulse to create. They strive to illuminate lesser-known realities and inspire inquiry and transformation, while acknowledging the ephemeral quality of their output and existence.

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